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Auto Accident Injury & Whiplash Treatment

Did You Know: In the United States alone, 3 million people are injured in car accidents every year. In the state of Pennsylvania, 227 people are injured in crashes every day, resulting in about nine injuries every hour.

Anyone who drives or rides in a car is at risk of sustaining an injury that requires physical therapy to recover. At David Physical Therapy, we have 25 years of experience on our side, allowing us to understand the unique circumstances of your auto injury and provide therapy to patients of all ages. Our team of licensed physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, and certified athletic trainers will work with you to develop an individualized recovery plan. 

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FAQs on Auto Injuries:

What are the Most Common Auto Injuries?

Most serious car accidents result in a few bumps and scrapes, but more severe injuries can make a full recovery impossible without physical therapy. The most common auto injuries we see include:

  • Whiplash. During a car accident, your muscles are forced to move more suddenly than they would on their own, causing them to overexert themselves and become injured. This condition is extremely common after a collision and can take significant time and effort to fully heal.
  • Herniated discs. This condition occurs when a vertebra in your spine becomes ruptured or displaced, causing back pain and complicating movement.
  • Knee trauma. Because of the position your knees take in a car seat, it’s common for them to suffer trauma when bumping against the dashboard or other parts of the vehicle during a collision.
  • Fractures. Sometimes the impact of a car crash is so serious it causes bones to break. Arms, legs, and hips are especially vulnerable during an auto accident.

Do I Need Physical Therapy After My Car Accident?

While you may feel like physical therapy isn’t necessary immediately after your accident, remember that it’s common for patients to suffer worse symptoms of pain, stiffness and limited mobility well after the injuries were sustained. Physical therapy is the proactive choice to ensure a smooth recovery, prevent long-term damage, and sometimes even avoid the need for surgery in the future.

How Will Physical Therapy Help Me?

We help our patients achieve the highest level of functional independence by improving strength, mobility, balance, and coordination. Your therapy will focus on reducing pain, reducing disability, and ultimately restoring function after the events of your car accident. We want our patients to have every confidence getting back to normal life, and eventually back on the road.

Who is Eligible for Auto Injury Therapy?

The experienced team at David Physical Therapy is equipped to provide therapy for car accident victims of all ages and backgrounds. We’re happy to speak with you and assess your case individually to determine the next step in your recovery plan.